Puducherry Technological University preserves its brand value by the unstinted services of highly qualified, committed and dedicated faculty members.
PTU has a total of 155 highly qualified, committed and dedicated faculty members on its rolls. 104 of them are doctoral degree holders from institutes of national importance / excellence and the rest of them are holding Masters degree in respective disciplines. The current faculty to student ratio of the institute is 1:14 while the desired ratio prescribed by AICTE is 1:15. The faculty members are recruited through an open advertisement on All India basis.

The table below presents the details of faculty members available department-wise.

Department Professors Associate Professors Assisatnt Professors Total Ph.D.s
Civil Engineering 13 5 2 20 19
Mechanical Engineering 11 10 1 22 16
Electronics And Communication Engineering 11 2 5 18 17
Computer Science And Engineering 12 1 12 25 19
Information Technology 5 0 6 11 9
Electrical And Electronics Engineering 11 6 2 19 19
Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering 3 2 5 10 4
Chemical Engineering 3 0 4 7 4
Mathematics 3 2 1 6 6
Physics 4 2 0 6 5
Chemistry 3 1 0 4 4
Humanities 0 2 2 4 2
Total 79 33 40 152 124

P – Professor; As.P – Associate Professor; AP – Assistant Professor

Faculty members of PTU have been actively pursuing research in the emerging areas of science and technology. Through several research projects pursued by the faculty, PTU has received ample research funding from various Government agencies including MHRD, DST, CSIR, DOE, MOEF, MICT, MNES, DIT etc., Copious Research Grants received from various funding agencies effectively enabled the departments to augment specialized research facilities towards pursuing the fundamental and industry focused research.
The members of the faculty have published a good number of research papers in reputed journals and also presented research articles in national and international conferences. A total of 52 Ph.D.s has been produced by the faculty of PTU in the past 5 years. The number of scholars enrolled for Ph.D. has shot up in the past 3 years and at present there are 202 research scholars on the rolls .
The faculty members of PTU have organized several short term courses, workshops and national / international conferences in emerging areas of science and technology over the last five years, illustrating amply their innate capacity towards contributing to contemporary research and development